Environmental Health & Safety

With the expansion of its business areas, POSCO understands more than ever the importance of comprehensive environmental management and environmental risk management throughout our family companies.

POSCO strives to work towards securing a sustainable and promising future for the earth through activities to save energy and increase energy efficiency as well by minimizing the environmental impact on communities and working to conserve existing ecosystems.

POSCO Family Global Environmental Management Directives (Modified on Dec., 2010)

POSCO Family acknowledges the environment as one of the key factors behind our business strategy. We intend to secure environmental sustainability through technology development and open communication, aiming to fulfill the promise of Low Carbon, Green Growth. To this end, we will practice the following:

  • POSCO Family will establish a system for its environmental management based on ISO14001 and thus take up the helm of global leadership on this issue.
  • POSCO Family will continue to improve the environment by complying with all environmental regulations and holistically considering its full business procedures.
  • POSCO Family will minimize pollutant emissions by introducing a clean production process and applying optimized prevention technology.
  • POSCO Family will create a recycling society and work to enhance eco-efficiency by making efficient use of natural resources and by-products.
  • POSCO Family will lead the Low Carbon Green Growth initiative by using clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the application of green technology.
  • POSCO Family aims to secure business transparency by releasing the results of environmental management to thus achieve sustainability.