Corporate Social Responsibility

At POSCO, we are dedicated to make the world a better place to live. While staying on the leading edge of steel technology is important to us, putting people first is even more so. That is why we focus on taking care of our people, getting closer to our customers, protecting the environment and giving back to the local communities. And this is why our spirit is quietly making a difference around the world.

POSCO understands the importance of building a sound corporate eco-system by adopting a better sense of partnership with our employees, stakeholders and the surrounding environment. POSCO has adopted a unique concept of 'SPICEE', an acronym for 'Society', 'Partner', 'Investor', 'Customer', 'Employee' and 'Environment'. We believe a positive synergy between these factors will enhance POSCO to become a firm of endearment. We are striving to transform the organization from a great company to the Firm of Endearment by working closely with every SPICEE element.

POSCO ESI will continue with POSCO's philanthropic commitment towards the society.