Introduction of Posco - ESI

"It is not possible to maintain substantial market standing in an important area unless one has a physical presence as a producer".

POSCO has always aspired to compete in global markets. Localisation and strategic alliances are the strategies that have made us a major industry player. Localisation has enabled us to sidestep trade barriers by producing and selling in local markets through a wide network of subsidiaries and affiliates in various parts of the world.

POSCO Electrical steel India is fully owned subsidiary of POSCO, Korea - a benchmark in steel industry. A brief overview of the production capabilities is mentioned hereunder :

Classification Posco ESI
Start of Operation January 2014
Product CRNGO
Product Capacity 300,000 MT / year
Product Grades HNO, MNO and LNO
Available size Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Weight (Max)
0.35 - 0.70
900 - 1270
25 MT
Inside diameter (mm) 508

We have world class infrastructure with latest production facilities. Our products illustrate innumerous advantages - low core loss, precise dimensions, excellent properties, superior coating and uniform thickness being some of them.

To maintain global one quality standard, POSCO ESI is under the direct supervision of POSCO Head Quarters. We will channelize our years of experience and cutting edge expertise in this industry to serve customers in a better way.